Industrial Park Jam

November 14, 2007

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Millwrights never work late and their shop is dead empty. A few scraps of wood in the lot right beside the dirty truck tracks. Maybe enough to forge a toothpick or maybe a small splint. The post office depot isn’t a post office proper. They just have a red box in the front yard and an office and sorting plant in the back. Compelling tonight though, because someone left on the two-lamp chain-hung fluorescent fixture. A square of white light spills onto the pale grass outside. It’s beautiful somehow, and if only I had a stamp and en envelope, I’d mail one for old times sake.

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Podcast Episode #10 • November 14, 2007 • 03:32

StreetRag, An Urban Notebook

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StreetRag is an urban weblog and podcast about the city of Edmonton, which is located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is authored by Edmonton-based writer, web advocate, and poet Michael Gravel and is updated frequently with written urban vignettes, amateurish photographs, deuteronomous audio material, barely coherent musings and rambling ecumenical treatises. StreetRag is a love letter to a lonely prairie burg struggling with its big city ambitions and small-town feel.

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The city is Edmonton. It's a subject, not a passion. E-Town is almost universally derided by outsiders as an unlivable tundra wasteland populated by oil-hungry redneck conservatives who despise the arts. All of that is true. But it's not the whole story. There is beauty here. Dusty snowfalls. Brilliant summers. A stunning river valley. A diverse arts community that flourishes. It's a place that inspires a gray relationship - not all good, not all shitty. For that reason alone it is lovable, for what is life but a grayscale?

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