Motion Tirade

October 17, 2007

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To the shitfuck meatfaced assbag who passed me on 76th avenue – a single lane road – pound it, fucker. You almost caused a seven car pileup with your impatience and shocking, dipshitted recklessness. To the dumb broad doing her makeup while speeding across the Groat Bridge at 110 – I hope you die in a fire. You almost sent me and a few other hapless innocents sailing unceremoniously into the north Saskatchewan. To the truck driver who didn’t shoulder check and almost flattened me on the corner of 149th and 118th, thanks jissom head.

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Podcast Episode #7 • October 17, 2007 • 03:32

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StreetRag is an urban weblog and podcast about the city of Edmonton, which is located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is authored by Edmonton-based writer, web advocate, and poet Michael Gravel and is updated frequently with written urban vignettes, amateurish photographs, deuteronomous audio material, barely coherent musings and rambling ecumenical treatises. StreetRag is a love letter to a lonely prairie burg struggling with its big city ambitions and small-town feel.

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The city is Edmonton. It's a subject, not a passion. E-Town is almost universally derided by outsiders as an unlivable tundra wasteland populated by oil-hungry redneck conservatives who despise the arts. All of that is true. But it's not the whole story. There is beauty here. Dusty snowfalls. Brilliant summers. A stunning river valley. A diverse arts community that flourishes. It's a place that inspires a gray relationship - not all good, not all shitty. For that reason alone it is lovable, for what is life but a grayscale?

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