The Rasp Rides on Tuesday

June 24, 2006

I’m more than just a middling weblog author. I’m a poet and I promote live poetry in Edmonton. In addition to my affiliations with The Raving Poets and The Roar, two dynamic and thriving organizations that I co-founded, I also like to do my own live presentations. Because I’m a detail crazy control freak who likes to take on just a bit more than I can chew. Enter: The Rasp and the Wine. The Rasp may sound familiar – my colleague c.t. staples and I staged three reading events last year under that aegis. Those shows were a memorable success, and I’m very proud to be carrying on with that tradition in 2006.

Mr. Staples has moved to the burgeoning metropolis of Montreal, and has left The Rasp and the Wine in my charge. To make sure that I don’t go off the deep end, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Patrick Pilarski. He brings a ton of skill and passion to this thing, and I’m very glad to have him on board as an organizer.

The first event of the Second Reich of The Rasp and the Wine is as follows:

The Rasp and the Wine Cover Version Banner
The Rasp and the Wine: Cover Version
Six Edmonton poets reading from their favorite poets (dead and not-so-dead)
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 —- 7:30pm
The Underdog (beneath The Back Dog Freehouse)
10425 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton for complete details and media information.

Hope to see you all down there. It should be a unique and rocking evening.

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