The Oil!!!!

May 18, 2006

Well, the Oilers flushed the San Jose Sharks last night 2-0. We even got a shutout to make it extra painful. And of course with a big win like that (and it is a HUGE win; a huge boost for the city) the Oilers fans were out in force down on Whyte Avenue. Many were dressed in their game day finest:

UPDATE: More great riot photos on

Oilers Round 2 Photo 1

Once again, you couldn’t wipe the smiles from people’s faces.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 8

Some took to higher ground to take in the action, or watch the party, or be the party .

Oilers Round 2 Photo 3 Oilers Round 2 Photo 4

Of course, what would a hockey celebration be without cute girls taking photos while standing on newspaper boxes?

Oilers Round 2 Photo 9

Or waving flags on their boyfriend’s shoulders?

Oilers Round 2 Photo 10

As you’d expect, things got ugly pretty quick. It didn’t take long before the whole street party felt unsafe and menacing. There must have been 10,000 people on the street. The crowd warmed up by burning an effigy of a Shark:

Oilers Round 2 Photo 2

Some shit was lit on fire while shooting up fireworks, which was incredibly dangerous. I saw one set of fireworks explode in the crowd, mostly underneath a crowd surfing female. She must’ve been hurt badly. There was a guy being passed around in a shopping cart who was dumped by the crowd. He came to the ground pretty hard. Much unhinged mayhem ensued.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 6

I saw a couple douchebags get their asses thrown in the brig for mouthing off the cops. The cops were very busy, and I give them credit for doing as good a job as they could.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 7

I left the scene before things really got out of control. I snapped one last photo before leaving. Not a distinct image, but beautiful colors.

Oilers Round 2 Photo 5

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Looks like it was pretty nuts, man. GO OILERS GO!

May 18, 2006 • 08:27



GREAT pictures. i was down there too with my camera, took same of the same shots and got crap. I’m envious. Didn’t see the girl on the newspaper box, though.


May 19, 2006 • 11:20



Thanks, Jocko. These aren’t the greatest pics either, but for a 4 megapixel point ‘n shoot they’re not bad. A wee bit of Photoshopping can do wonders.

Rich: A crazy time indeed.

May 19, 2006 • 13:44


prairie dog

“We won baby! Yessir, going all the way… Lets go stab somebody! YAAA!”

I have been at all the home games so far and I am out of my mind with excitment for this teams chances. I am a big fan but I admit I do my celebrating at the game and maybe grab a few drinks afterwards, shout “Woohoo” a few too many times and then head towards home. I have yet to venture to the riotzone known as Whyte Ave following a game. I think sometimes about checking it out, but then the next day I read the paper and hear the news and shake my head. I am tiring of reading of those turds that trash the ave into the early hours of the morning littering it with broken bottles, pissing on storefronts and getting into knife fights. There are some good fans that just want to gather with other fans and have a good time, but there are some bad seeds that come out and give the whole thing a big black eye. The party seems like good clean hooting and hollering for the first few hours but seems to turn ugly shortly after. If the Oil manage to go all the way as I am hoping, I plan to stay as far away from Whyte as fucking possible as someone IS GOING to die. I am all for a good time (man rexall place beer is expensive) and cheering for the home team and highfiving strangers but this is becoming embarrasing. How many of these people are true fans of the game of hockey and how many are wasted fucks just looking for a reason to stir shit up, get completly hosed, and hopefully get a shot of someones boob on their cell phone camera.

May 20, 2006 • 23:47




I agree with you. I’ve been down on Whyte for most of the celebrations. Not because I’m a huge hockey fan, but because there are few events that inspire 20,000 people to spontaneously gather in the street and celebrate.

The celebrations on Whyte have been mostly well behaved. It is a small group of asswipes that cause all the problems. There is also no small amount of sensationalism in the media when it comes to reporting these things. Last Wednesday’s street party (which my photos above document) was mostly well behaved and was actually quite exciting (and frightening, too), but the media chose to focus on the idiocy of a few people who took things too far. I was on the Ave at 6:30 the next morning, and there was no property damage and very little garbage on the streets.

As I wrtie this, only an hour after the Oilers beat Anaheim in game 2, I can hear the horns and hollering from avenue. We’ll see how it turns out.

May 21, 2006 • 22:37

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