And a big haiku to you, too

April 9, 2006

Today’s entry is a bit of a sidestep from my daily city writings…an announcement:

Back when I was writing for, I penned a daily side feature called “The Daily Haiku”. As you may guess, I wrote and published one little haiku every day. For me, it started out as just a whimsical little exercise. Before long it grew into something of a passion, and I’ve been writing haiku ever since. When I started this website,, my daily haiku adventure came to a halt. As much as it pained me to kill it, The Daily Haiku simply didn’t fit in with my vision of this site.

Before long I missed publishing haiku. I missed visiting that little island of simplicity. I missed those three lines of enlightenment.

Having said that, I’ve helped to build a NEW website devoted exclusively to haiku. It’s called Daily Haiku Dot Org – “A Daily Shot of Zen”. The site publishes one haiku (and one haiku only) every day, and features six hot haiku authors who take great pride in dishing up a “daily shot of Zen”. I gotta say that I’m pretty proud to be involved in this little endeavor. This new website can be found here:

Check it out and bookmark it. Have a poke around the site. Check out the contributors. A few you may even recognize. I highly recommend that you stop in there daily. is a little boat of simplicity sailing into your hectic life. It’s the antithesis of every overblown, ad-heavy website on the internet. It’s a no bullshit shot of zen delivered piping hot every day. Have a look. Enjoy the calm.

Vignette #57

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Did you ever check out Pretty funny stuff.

Apr 10, 2006 • 13:31



Yeah, I ran into them awhile back. Pretty funny stuff indeed.

Apr 10, 2006 • 14:01



I’ve never really given that much though to haiku, or poetry for that matter. The new site does seem pretty cool, though. Nice clean design. Hope it goes well.

Apr 10, 2006 • 14:04

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