Kozub Launches a Novel.

February 23, 2006

It’s not every day that a good friend publishes a novel. My pal of seven years, Mark Kozub, has just put the finishing touches on his debut novel, The Brown Family. Mark isn’t foolish enough to pull a Capote and declare his as-yet-unreleased book “the novel of the decade”, but he’s pretty pumped about the whole thing. Says Mark: “It’s kinda like letting your kid go and fend for itself in the world after babying and coddling for many months.”

Here’s the down and dirty on the launch party for Kozub’s novel, The Brown Family:

Mark Kozub’s debut novel, The Brown Family, published by Edmonton-based renegade publishers Dramatic Situations, will be released on Thursday, March 2nd. Come to the book launch at Greenwoods’ Books, 7925 – 104 Street, Edmonton, on Thursday, March 2nd at 7:30 p.m. The book launch will include a reading with music from the stellar Thomas Trofimuk. The book runs for a very affordable $16.99, and $3.00 from each book sold at the launch will be donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Mark has also recently launched his long-awaited website: www.markkozub.com. Proudly designed by yours truly, the site contains a cross section of the man’s work. When the site was finally stocked with content, I was taken aback by the breadth of the guy’s talent and endeavors. The bugger sure keeps himself busy, I tell ya.

Support some genuine E-Town talent. C’mon down to Kozub’s book launch on March 2, 2006. Buy a book. Get it autographed. And stay for the topless dancers at midnight (by invitation only, and only after the wives have gone).

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Mark Kozub

Wow. Thanks for the plug, Mike. (Does that sound rude? Kinky?) Hmm…
Anyway, I really mean it. It’s really nice when someone goes to bat for you. For the record, Mr. Street Rag MADE UP that quote of mine on this website.
What I really said was: “As far as children go, this novel of mine could best be described as: being mentally slow, looking funny, smelling weird, and yes, sometimes it farts at inappropriate times… but as its father, I love it dearly.” (Or something like that.)
I am darn proud of the book, actually. This book, The Brown Family, is not LITERATURE. It’s more like a warm hug or a bowl of Mac and cheese.


Feb 23, 2006 • 13:21



The Brown Family “IS” freakin’ literature!!!!! Kozuk is in no position to say what his book is, or isn’t!!!! He’s just the author!!! This is a great book! It’s literary, and funny, and touching…think: Partridge Family on acid.
The guy wouldn’t regognize literature if it were pissing on him….The Brown Family is a tome in the style of Charles Bukowski ….it’s hard-edged, brutal, bloody and graphic….(kidding….).



Feb 27, 2006 • 13:32

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