Low Contrast

November 12, 2007

Walking, bussing, and driving through the city the past few days. The sunlight’s getting skinny and’ll get skinnier before we turn the corner on Dec 21. You know that low time – the half-light in-between time? That’s my favorite part of the day. The low contrast is most pleasing to my eye. My eyes don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Nothing stands out too much and everything swims in a comfortable take. I was at Belvedere the other day and the light was gray. Clouds made it moreso than the sun’s natural crawl, but it was a beautiful time to observe. All the homeward faces seemed placid and accepting. The orange bus route markers pointed the way. I sat down on a stone / wooden bench and watched everyone. Watched the 10 pull in and go again. The 99 showed up. Have no idea where it came from or where it was bound. Didn’t write anything down. Every few minutes, the bells and the flashing arms announced another train. I let them go, even though I should’ve been heading home.

I fell asleep on the train. Only for a second or two. You know those short sleeps that beg you to jump in? It was one of those, complete with the start of a dream. Head hit the glass. Coliseum, and I watched the faces on the platform. Dour most, but a few twinges of smile. White shoes mostly. Next stop was light – not many exits or entrances. Into the dark tunnel and into the guts of downtown. Dark brown platform tile and a bit of glass. Scarves and handgloves. A boy in sunglasses, hiding. Recorded voice on the PA. Racket of rails, standers swaying. Central station. Every city has a Central station, but ours connects the city to itself. It’s not easy to get out of here from Central. Groggy, but I got up and left the train. Long walk underground and a hop up to the street. Tripped a bit at the top.

Gray up there and I recognized everyone.

Vignette #236

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Nice to have some new content on here. Thought you’d gone and joined a cult or something…

Nov 13, 2007 • 15:25



Yes, back on schedule now. I hope, anyways. No cults, although the Raving Poets almost qualify.

Nov 13, 2007 • 21:27

Number 3 Jasper Place in rearview mirror, Edmonton, October 2007

Number 3 Jasper Place in rearview mirror, Edmonton, October 2007



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