The Rain

August 3, 2007

steel-gray thunderheads
dubious in the morning
wet on the windows

Sun barely peeking
from the music,
bootsoles in a rainbow puddle

everyone huddled under
a silver canopy —
morning lights out

wet papers folded
on a bus seat;
rainwater moustache

sunshower licks the
windowpane silent…
internal steam a forgery

blue rag curly mop
t-shirt floating in
droplets dappled

hoods cover hats and
matted melon hairs —
wicked sun with sky

fire hydrant wet yellow
planted on the corner
pulling a smoke

mailbox wethair slickback
double postage
may keep you dry?

oiled puddle jumper
looking for the 1/4” pool,
cups his smoke; lighter

Vignette #219

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Who you calling dubious in the morning? Nice little “nuggets” you have here.

Aug 03, 2007 • 08:43

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