"Five Weeks" Book Launch

July 23, 2007

In my opinion, haiku is the purest of all poetic forms. It’s all about distillation. You observe the world around you, take it in, then whittle all that information into a poem that is seventeen syllables or less. It’s an amazing form to my eyes and sensibility. This Wednesday, my colleague Patrick Pilarski is launching his first chapbook, entitled Five Weeks (details below). It’s 48 pages of gorgeous haiku and a smattering of haibun (prose with haiku). I will be the evening’s host (quite an honour, I must say) and Patrick will be delivering a short reading as well as signing books. There’ll be finger food and plenty of poetic inspiration. In the author’s words:

Five weeks, five petals, five different views on life. A chapbook of haiku and haibun, Five Weeks takes the reader on a journey through the raw expanse of nature and the raw expanse of the human heart. A beautiful visual examination of what it means to be.

So peel yourself away from the WoW, the bong, American Idol, your email, or whatever other indolence-inspiring activity you have planned and join me in supporting a very passionate and talented Edmonton artist. Here’s the poop:

Five Weeks – Book Launch
Haiku and Haibun by Patrick Pilarski

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 :: 8:00pm
Kasbar Lounge (under Yianni’s Taverna)
10444 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton.
Finger food will be available
Hosted by Michael Gravel.

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Why is it called a chapbook?

Jul 25, 2007 • 13:55



A chapbook generally refers to a small (as in number of pages) book, as opposed to a full-blown book. Click here for the dictionary definition. Of course, where that line is drawn is anyone’s guess. My personal guideline is that anything under 50 pages, even if it’s perfect-bound as Patrick’s is, is a chapbook. A lower price is implied by the term, I believe.

Jul 25, 2007 • 14:11

Five Weeks Chapbook Cover

Five Weeks Chapbook Cover



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