Glosting Ankles

June 15, 2007

Coffee shop, Monday PM. She’s over there, right leg crossed over the left, foot tracing a circle. Brown tumbles dipping just below her glasses. Hardback novel in hand – some fantasy affair with a lavish cover. She’s drinking a “-ccino” something, a cold drink, one of the cafe’s specialties. She must be quite taken with the book ‘cuz she hasn’t sipped her drink in several minutes. The cup is sweating and a small pool is forming. I suddenly notice the bustle in here and the activity of the other patrons threatens to draw my attention away. The simple sight of this woman reading holds me. It may be her calming expression – her ability to seemingly block out what I struggle to. Somehow she seems watchful. I think it’s her bare ankles, veined and weathered, that are the story for me. There’s a lively history written on those glosting ankles. Blue ink on incomplete pages. A map or a white coffee cup. Nice ring on her finger.

Vignette #204

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ok, i’ll bite — what’s the definition of “glosting?”

Jun 16, 2007 • 05:19



Yes, please xplain. Is this another made up word?

Jun 16, 2007 • 07:20



Glosting == glaze for pottery

Jun 17, 2007 • 22:50



the image comes clear! good word — do you know the language of origin?

Jun 18, 2007 • 15:39



Sorry, don’t know the origin. I heard a potter friend use the term once. Thought it was interesting.

Jun 19, 2007 • 08:22

Woman's ankle, June 2007

Woman's ankle, June 2007



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