Bus Observations; Proffered Advice

May 14, 2007

Irascible drivers make the day an interesting one – especially in the morning. • A bus never arrives on time, especially when it really matters. • You can catch the 125 to the seedy bowels of Jasper Place and to the shining beauty of downtown — either way, it’s a great ride. • The best place & time to see the sunset is in May, crossing the high level on the nine. • If the eight northbound has a soul, it must be shaped like a steel toe and smell of junior high unwashed hair. • Those old GMC busses (orange seats) are on the way out – ETS just bought over 100 of the sleek New Flyers to replace them; no word on the trolley busses yet. • If the bus is standing room only except for one seat that is beside a man with an eyepatch, continue standing. • Never sit at the front unless you’re old or somewhat immobile. • Always exit out the back door unless you’re old or somewhat immobile. • I once saw a man kick the side of a bus after it pulled away. The driver stopped and bawled the guy out, then called the police. • I am convinced that route 52 could save someone’s life if given the chance. • Cracking a bucket of KFC and proceeding to eat is not even remotely cool when you’re on the 7. • The busses have big windows for a reason. • The warmest feeling in the world is boarding the 5 after it pulls to a battered downtown curb on a frigid December eve. • Breaking up over the phone is never cool – doubly so when it’s done on the bus. • Just once in your life, take the three northbound outta downtown at about 9:30pm on a Sunday night, stay on until 118 avenue and 149 street. Get off there and walk north to and through the surrounding industrial park. Nowhere will you find a better portrait of abandonment and bewildering human industry (as well as a glimpse at what happens when nobody is around). • If after a long bus ride you decide that you have not seen anything worthwhile, drop me a line. Lets talk. • Driving in this town has become nearly unbearable. • The orange lights of the bus are a comfort.

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Never seen kfc on the bus, but i have seen a guy down an entire mcdonalds meal. Bad, I tell ya.

May 15, 2007 • 14:47

125 Pulling out of Westmount, April 2007

125 Pulling out of Westmount, April 2007



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