Enough Already

April 11, 2007

Enough snow. Enough winter. Enough sliding tires and hot collar motoring. Enough white frenzy and ditched vehicles. Enough cyclists braving the gray cold. Enough irate citizenry. Enough mass depression. Enough brown morning coffee lids tinkled with snow. Enough no sure footing. Enough broken wrists and damaged tailbones. Enough non-patio time. Enough smokers puffing in the dim light. Enough boneracks shivering outside the clubs. Enough snowshovels and snowblowers and sidewalk scrapers. Enough evening ice escapades. Enough reticent sun. Enough black watchcap studded white and soaked. Enough cleaning shoes upon arrival. Enough airport whiteouts. Enough $200.00 tows out of the valley. Enough drivers who don’t know how to drive in this weather and wreak havoc where ever they go. Enough SUVs passing at high speed. Enough skidding through intersections. Enough car lights across the high level. Enough April and her blue lips. Enough closed window sleeps. Enough weeping frisbees and sobbing inline skates. Enough cobweb lawnchairs and dusty beer hats. Enough snowy bottles of Crown discarded on the grass. Enough blue and black doeskin shirts and insulated boots. Enough coffee whitener on streetpoles. Enough snow paste and high blood pressure on the 30 minute commute. Enough vigilance. Enough sweeping and clearing. Enough hockeyless side streets. Enough clouds of breath. Enough war-torn mittens. Enough drooping leafless branches. Enough brown. Enough winter’s carcass. Enough dead in the mall.

Vignette #183

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Fuckin’ A, bro. I’d had enough of winter in December. This one’s been a doozy. Forecast looks good though. We may be in the clear (knock wood).

Apr 11, 2007 • 08:19



This is a fucking poem! The detail about the “boneracks shivering outside the clubs” was perfect. As was “April and her blue lips.” I love it.

Good work, Mike.

Apr 11, 2007 • 16:08


ink slinger

“...coffee whitener on streetpoles” was my favourite line. With nearly every other line having a fairly literal meaning, this line struck me as being extra poetic. It’s a simple metaphor, but it works really well.

Apr 12, 2007 • 14:15



Thanks, guys! Lets hope spring is here to stay.

Apr 12, 2007 • 15:08

Indistinct Image - May 2006

Indistinct Image - May 2006



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