Intercourse and Imbalance

February 4, 2007

This coming Wednesday, I’m reading at an event called Intercourse: Love Poems and Other Chemical Imbalances. Complete information on this event is below. It’s being put together by Mandie Lopatka – a Raving Poets regular, Roar organizer, and poetess of stirring quality. The title of this reading event, while obviously tongue-in-cheek, nonetheless sums up love poems in general. They’re either sappy/sorrowful or vengeful. They’re written at the perimeters of relationships, when the chemicals aren’t quite balanced. It’s been said that every relationship is good for two poems: One at the beginning, and one at the end. I think that may be part of the reason why love poems have such a bad rep. Not enough, it seems to me, are written in the middle. I think I’ve written a few “middle” love poems, and I think they stand up better than the heated-but-honest perimeter tirades I’ve penned. Besides, hasn’t the world heard and read enough love poems? I mean, after reading Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets and The Captain’s Verses, why bother trying to say anything else? Well, the point is the trying; the attempt to say that one true and honest thing to this world and to the one you love. That’s just they way it is. Here’s the scoop on the reading. Hope you can make it out.

Intercourse: Love Poems and Other Chemical Imbalances.
Featuring: Michael Appleby, Jocko Benoit, Patrick Pilarski, Rudolph Valentino, Michael Gravel, Kathy Fisher, Laurie MacFayden, Mandie Lopatka, Nicole Pakan, and one special guest.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007
La Boheme Tango Lounge
6427 – 112 Avenue, Edmonton.

Download a gig poster here.

Vignette #161

Legislature Flame, Jan 07

Legislature Flame, Jan 07



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