Thomas Trofimuk Launches

February 2, 2007

My ‘ol pal Thomas Trofimuk has just launched his brand spankin’ new website. You can find it here: The site was put together by yours truly with some healthy input from Thomas. I’m quite proud of the thing. It showcases Thomas’s many writing endeavors, and gives him a platform from which to speak on a regular basis. He’s got a blog on there which, knowing Thomas, will be captivating and readable. He’s thrown many writing samples on there as well – some poetry, and some of his always amazing short fiction. After spending a month or so hammering the site together, I’ve come to appreciate Mr. Trofimuk in a whole new light. The guy is a passionate and tireless literary figure. He’s the real fucking deal. He doesn’t just talk about writing. He writes with fervour and grace and delivers. So go on over and say hello to old Thom, and be sure to let him know what you think of the thing. And hell, I’d welcome any feedback on the design. drop me a line

Ok. Back to regular programming next week. Have a good weekend.


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Snazzy job on that site, man. Looks good. Very clean & concise. No bullshit. Like it.

Feb 02, 2007 • 09:41



Thanks, Rich. I’m pretty proud of it. Came together quite nicely.

Feb 02, 2007 • 21:13

Trofimuk's home Page

Trofimuk's home Page



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