And He Stumbles

January 10, 2007

The Sniper and I are out for an evening of leisure in the heart of downtown. With the city a hair away from winking off, we’re standing under the bright fluorescence of the 100th street bus shelter. Few people about and that westerly is biting. Blizzard’s in the mail for tomorrow, we hear. An off-duty security guard saunters in, reeking of rye depths. Approaches us and we sluff him off. Staggers towards the yellow-haired siren on the bench over there and tries to sit down. She pulls out her phone and gets up walking. Throws him a disgusted face. Guard tumbles to his feet, twirls in a circle. His walk deteriorates with each step and he’s on his way to spinning to the pavement. Makes it over to the quiet young couple minding their own business. He passes between them (they’re standing quite close) and bumps the woman on the way. The guy gives him a little what-for. Guard turns around and yells a couple fucks. Makes his hands into guns. Shoots the couple in the guts with sound effects. They ignore his botched assassination. He gives up and doles to the curb with whiskey on full. Staggers out into the middle of 100th. Cars dodge around him and a few honk. Sniper and I are concerned, but do nothing. Guard makes it to the other side with all teeth intact. The 6 hauls its ass into the vicinity. Twenty after eleven. The bastard is late.

Vignette #151

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That’s the only thing that sucks about being drunk. Falling down. Other than that it’s a blast. Go drunk guys!

Jan 10, 2007 • 13:09



If only that were true. Are you forgetting hangovers? Guilt? Money spent? Regrettable occurrences? I had much fun when I was drinking. I have more fun now that I’m sober.

Jan 11, 2007 • 13:08


ink slinger

Moderation: It’s the best of both worlds (at least, that’s what I choose to believe).

Jan 11, 2007 • 21:09

Bus Interior, January 2007

Bus Interior, January 2007



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