MG & The Underground Gynos

September 20, 2006

“The Roar Spoken Word Festival is not a James Taylor album. It’s a Clash album.” That statement has been the operating mantra of The Roar Festival since day one. Never boring. Always daring and compelling. Something with a bold spirit and a bolder vision. That’s the ideal, anyways. This festival has been a challenge. It’s a big deal. Three days of events, each requiring logistical muscle and a crew of volunteers. But hell, nothing happens without a pound of sweat and a clear vision, right?

Down to it. I’m doing a reading tomorrow night. A longer one. I’ll be reading for about 25 minutes or so. A long time to read poetry and hold an audience, but I think it’ll be a compelling show. I’m gonna pull out some old faves and tee up some new, untested work. Here is the skinny:

Mike Gravel and The Underground Gynecologists: A Rock and Roll Poetry Show featuring Mike Gravel, JD Lavender and guest Mark Kozub on bass guitar.
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Mimi’s Lounge
10154 – 100 Street, Edmonton [ map to venue ]
7:15pm to 8:15pm.
Hosted by Mike’s love, Kerry Mulholland
No Cover.

It would be superb if you could join us. I will reveal the origin of the Underground Gynos; the mythos of the (fake) band. Should be rockin’.

Vignette #114

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adam snider

You know, Mike, I fully except there to be a pyrotechnic and/or laser show at this reading. I will be sorely disappointed if there isn’t.

Sep 20, 2006 • 20:47



Ha! I know you’re just kiddin’ around, but I actually did check out the possibility of having a few flash bombs. Not a chance in hell. That shit is highly regulated. And exceedingly expensive. It’s just below dynamite on the regulatory scale. So, I guess the “pyrotechnics” will have to be everyone raising their lighters during a “power ballad”.

Sep 21, 2006 • 08:21

Underground Gynos

Underground Gynos



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