Publication and a Reading

August 25, 2006

I write alot of poetry, but I don’t submit my work to publishers nearly as often as I should. I chalk it up to laziness, mostly. So, when I do take the time to prepare a submission, it feels pretty damn cool when that submission gets accepted. The fine people down at the U of A’s Blood Ink Literary Journal are publishing a few of my poems in their upcoming Summer 2006 issue. It’s a great little publication. They maintain a diverse and daring publishing stance that I appreciate greatly. Poetry, prose, essays, you name it. They throw some really cool, high-quality shit out there.

The best part of all this, for me anyways, is the launch party. Here is the official skinny:

Blood Ink – Summer 2006 Benefit Show and Open Mic
August 29, 2006
Hulbert’s Coffeehouse and Bar
7601 – 115 Street, Edmonton
7:30 – 10:30
Download a PDF [125kB] Event Poster

I’m reading at this event. A short set. Two or three poems. Fifteen minute set. Five or six poems. I can’t tell you how happy I am to just show up and read my stuff. I organize alot of poetry events in this town. I’m usually the guy doing the planning, organizing, and hosting AS WELL AS reading. But not this time. I can sit back and enjoy the night, listen to some fine poetry and crush out my poems when the time comes. I’ll be joined by my esteemed colleagues Thomas Trofimuk and Mandie Lopatka. Man, I’m going to enjoy this. And you should, too. Come on down and join us, why don’t you? Hear your humble StreetRag author do his thing? Wanna?

Vignette #107

Blood Ink Summer 2006

Blood Ink Summer 2006



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