Remembering at Capital Ex

July 23, 2006

I went for the corndogs. Within an hour of stepping off the train and onto the Capital Ex fairgrounds, I had demolished two “Big Dog” corn dogs. TWO. That’s twelve dollars of deep-fried, cardiac arresting beauty that I don’t regret in the least. I was tempted for a third, but alas, my conscience called me back. Back to watching the shoe-gazing trick bicycle riders go through their motions. Back to the ridiculous “shopping” opportunities in the AgriCom – snake oil salesmen a-plenty. Back to the three dollar, 1/2 liter of water that would cost less than a buck in 7-11. Back to my childhood memories of this fair: Spending $60.00 on rigged games to get a stuffed toy worth $10.00, buying cotton candy and putting it in Rhiannon’s hair, sliding down that big slide on a ripped gunny sack, going on The Rainbow while exceedingly intoxicated, hitting the Ferris wheel with my Dad who was so patient in waiting for me to get up the courage, and eating stolen sausages-on-a-bun with my co-workers from the track. Capital Ex is simply a new name for an old tradition. A cheesy, over done, contrived, and ridiculous tradition. A tradition that I am glad exists.

Vignette #96

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The Kiwanis slide on a fucking hot saturday afternoon when you lose your gunny sack half way down. Only to have your mom laughing her ass off at the bottom.

How I wish I could turn the clock back.

Thanks for the memories Mike !!

Jul 26, 2006 • 00:23



Great photo!

Jul 26, 2006 • 08:35



Thanks, Mandie.

Well, looks like I’ll be heading back to Capital Ex on Thursday night. Got free tix to see Sam Roberts @ EdFest. And, to boot, StreetHeart is playing the telus stage earlier in the evening. Should be very interesting.

Jul 26, 2006 • 08:56

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